5 weeks and post running issues

I constantly worry recently. I know it’s early days, but I don’t really feel any symptoms, except for heartburn and tiredness sometimes, and sometimes I feel I’m lucky because of this, but most of the time I’m worried that something is wrong.

I know that most of the time symptoms don’t really kick in until week 6 or 8, but I cannot help but worry.

I didn’t really have many symptoms with Mia either, but that doesn’t really  make me feel much better most of the time.

I will be ok, once I get to the first scan and they will tell me it’s all looking good. But until then I just cannot stop worrying.

I went running yesterday. Most of the time I walk now, because I haven’t run for a while, but I didn’t yesterday so I jumped on the treadmill yesterday instead.

It was ok to start with. I only wanted to do running combined with walking, so I thought I’d manage. So I started with 2 mins walking and 8 mins running, and again. And before the end of the second time I was feeling more and more tired. I could still talk, or sing rather 🙂 as that’s how I test if I’m not too exhausted. But I just felt like it was getting too much. So for the last time I walked for 3 mins and run for 7, but even that felt like too  much. So I finished with 5  mins of walking after and some stretching, and went to get a shower. I felt ok, but knew that it was a bit too much.

Then about 2 hours after I started feeling worse. I felt light cramps, pulling-like, but only for a short while. Probably not even a minute. Then my head felt strange, not aching, but like there was too much pressure, or something. I check my blood pressure every morning, and I did this again last night, because of this feeling in my head, but it was still on the low side. I felt really tired, exhausted. So I went straight to bed, worrying that I’ve overdone it.

I’m fine today, but I’m not planning to repeat this again. If I will run next week, I won’t go over 5 minutes, then 5 minutes walking. I don’t want to feel like yesterday again. Running is not that important to me, to endanger my baby. I just want to exercise, because I know it helps. But I’m so out of shape with running, that I just need to take it slow and stop being over ambitious.

I will continue with my normal walking and prenatal exercises with light weights, and then try running again in a while with caution.

I remember that running was quite hard in the first trimester, when I was pregnant with Mia. But then I was running every day for a long time before I got pregnant. This time round, I’m in a worse situation, since I am now only a casual runner.

That’s not the end of the world though and not my number one priority. I just need to stick to those forms of exercising that make me feel good 🙂




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