Pregnancy Recap by Trimesters

I have started this post a long time ago, somewhere at the end of my first trimester or beginning of the second. Back then I thought it would be a good idea to summarise all my symptoms and experiences during each of the trimesters. I knew I would forget some things in time, and having it all in one place would make it easier to quickly remind myself how I felt and what was happening with me, trimester by trimester. I also thought it would be fun to share this one day with my little girl, when she will be thinking about her own pregnancy. And also in case I ever do get pregnant again, I would be able to compare my feelings and symptoms.

1st Trimester

  • Finding out: first thing that made me suspect that I was pregnant was the fact that my running has changed suddenly and significantly. All of a sudden I wasn’t able to run as fast as before, and I would get tired and sweaty a lot quicker. A pregnancy test confirmed my suspicion.
  • Running: slowed down significantly as I was getting tired and sweaty much quicker from almost the very start of the pregnancy, but maintained same times (32 minutes) and days (6 days per week)
  • Cravings: nothing really, sometimes meat but not badly, and not constantly (odd for someone who was a vegetarian for over 10 years, and pescetarian prior to pregnancy! 🙂 ), also buttermilk
  • Aversions: cooked vegetables, broccoli being the worst
  • Nausea: only in the evening, making me go to bed at 9pm every night, as otherwise it was getting worse
  • Other symptoms: burping with the evening nausea, bloating (severe and constant, mostly in the evening) and tiredness in the evening (all of those were gone at the start of the second trimester!) Forgetfulness and worrying a lot. Round ligament pain/pelvic pain towards the end of this trimester, but weirdly I only had those on my non-running days.
  • Bump: not showing at all
  • Baby kicks: not yet
  • Weight gain total: 1.4kg at the end of the first trimester (from 46.8kg to 48.2kg)

2nd Trimester

  • Running: same speed, but reduced times by 1 minute (from 32 to 31); towards the end times reduced by another minute (from 31 to 30), but still the same speed. Doing 5 days at the beginning, but then 4 instead of 5 after a holiday break.
  • Cravings: baby tomatoes!
  • Aversions: broccoli and most cooked vegetables at the beginning, but easing off and disappearing completely in the first few weeks of this trimester
  • Nausea: gone before the start of this trimester
  • Other symptoms: more energy and being able to go to bed later now, feeling the baby move for the first time at 17 weeks + 2 days, posterior pelvic pain in 19 week for two days (on non-running days), insomnia towards the end of this trimester (24-25 weeks), clumsiness 😦 . Round ligament pain during runs, mild at first and not during every run, getting worse at the end of this trimester forcing me to use a maternity belt and reducing my running days again.
  • Bump: not showing until about 20 weeks, and only a little then, some days more, some days less. Started showing really by week 25-26
  • Baby kicks: feeling from 17 weeks + 2 days, resembling bubbles bursting and growing stronger and stronger until the end of this trimester.
  • Weight gain: 3.2kg (from 48.2kg to 51.4kg)

3rd Trimester

  • Running: same speed up to week 32. Doing mostly 3 days per week, walking on non-running days. Becoming more difficult because of breathing issues
  • Cravings: chocolate milk, then orange juice starting from 31 weeks
  • Aversions: nothing at all 🙂
  • Nausea: no
  • Other symptoms: constipation starting from week 30 but only lasting for 2-3 weeks, tiredness and clumsiness at times. Overall feeling big and heavy. Sudden, short and stabbing cervix pain towards the end of week 31, usually once a day. Headaches at times. Insomnia getting worse sometimes – up to 3-4 hours of no sleep on some nights. Really bad calf cramp (right leg) at 6am one morning :(, then recurring leg stiffness when running or walking after being stationary for a while. Period-like cramps from week 34, starting as mid-night/early morning light ones and increasing in frequency and intensity by week 36. Baby dropping causes more pressure on the bladder and some aches and pains.
  • Bump: growing bigger and bigger daily from week 30 (I’m not joking, daily!)
  • Baby kicks: feeling stronger week by week. Feeling the baby move more than kick as the time goes by. A lot of hiccups from week 28 to week … (3-4 daily week 28 – 31, then 1-2 daily week 31 – 32)
  • Weight gain: 2.3kg (from 51.4kg to 53.7kg).

That’s it. A summary of all my symptoms and feelings through my pregnancy 🙂 It will be useful one day to go back to those and compare when (if) I do decide to have another baby. But it will definitely clam me down as well, since I’ve been through this once before and won’t worry as much about different aches and pains. Or so I hope!

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