36 weeks update

I haven’t been posting for a while, because there’s been too much going on recently.

Firstly I’ve had a bit of a scare on Tuesday 10th October because the baby didn’t seem to be moving as much as usual throughout the day, and when she was her movements seemed weaker, slower… On Monday she had a quieter day, but that’s quite normal for her, but when it continued on Tuesday I started worrying. I got back home from work, and all of a sudden started panicking that something is wrong. So I rang the midwife helpline and told them about it. I was due to meet my midwife the next day, but they told me to come in to the hospital and get checked.

We got there and first we had to wait for quite a long time. Then I finally got hooked up to the EKG with straps around my bump so that they could check the baby’s heartbeat. I also had to press a button every time I felt the baby moving. They were monitoring it for 30 minutes then took the results to a doctor. From then on we had to wait once again for them to come back and tell us what the doctor recommended. Finally the midwife came back and told us that the doctor is happy for me to go home as all seems fine, but they will also send me to an additional scan within 24-48 hours to confirm this.

Overall we’ve spent 3 hours in the hospital and we got back home just after 11pm, so I was really tired, but glad that at least they’ve confirmed that all was ok. My husband seemed a bit annoyed, like he thought I made a big fuss over nothing, but I felt like I’d rather do this every day than miss the one time when something was indeed wrong, and I didn’t get checked.

I went to see my midwife on the next day and she has confirmed that I’ve done the right thing by ringing the hospital and getting checked. She said that no matter how many times I feel that something is not right, I should ring them and get checked. She said the safety of the baby is what matters most, so if I feel any difference I should inform them asap. That did reassured me that I’ve done the right thing 🙂 She has also checked the position of my baby and confirmed what I suspected already that the baby is now very low, she’s actually 2/5 engaged now!! So that’s why the pressure on my bladder keeps increasing and my bump seems so much lower now 🙂

On Friday I went in again for the additional scan. They have checked everything and said all is ok, but the baby is measuring quite small in two places. Her arm and sheen bones were just below 5 centile. They said it could be either down to a placenta not working right anymore, which wasn’t the case based on the checks they’ve done, or it could be constitutional, so because I’m petite and my husband is not a big guy either, it could just be that it’s in her genes being smaller. They will check again in 2-4 weeks, and I might need to be induced if it turns out in time that it was down to the placenta in the end, but as they said, nothing is indicating that that’s the issue as yet.

I’m now 36 weeks, so one more week until I can calm down, knowing that if she’s born after next Friday she won’t be premature anymore 🙂 I’ve been feeling a lot of period-like cramps over the last two weeks too. It started as mid-night/early morning ones and quite mild. But over the last week their intensity and frequency increased. They are still ok to tolerate, not painful enough to make me worried, but I can definitely see a difference. Now they happen more often, not just at night or in the morning, but also throughout the day and in the evening.  I read that it’s the sign of the body preparing for labour and the cervical changes that are happening due to this. I can feel her so low now, her head pressing more and more on my bladder. I think it’s getting closer and closer to the Big Day. She will be here in no time…

Baby size:  – Similar length to a romaine lettuce (weight about 2.6kg, length about 47.4cm crown to heel) – according to BabyCentre App. The last scan (last Friday) showed an estimated weight of 2.2kg, so she’s probably not as heavy as 2.6kg today.

Bump: Growing continuously, and is lower than before now.

My Weight: 54kg today. I’ve been gaining about 0.4-0.5kg weekly now, which is the recommended weekly gain.

Running: still doing 30 minutes 2-3 times per week, but I slowed down from end of last week again. I only do what feels comfortable now. I feel really proud that I’m still running being 9 months pregnant! 🙂

Cravings: Jelly Babies sometimes 🙂

Aversions: no aversions

Maternity Clothes: Still the same, feel most comfortable in my maternity leggings 🙂

Baby Kicks:  Movements not kicks, so same as over the past few weeks. Reduced movement last Tuesday, back to normal from the next day.

Favourite moments: Every time I run, still being able to finish my usual 30 minutes 🙂 And still every time I can talk to my bump and feel my little girl moving.

Insomnia: Worse when I’m working and under stress. I’ve been working 3 days per week from the office and 2 from home, but I’ve been under so much stress recently that at times I wasn’t able to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep.

Difficulties: Stress at work got a bit too much and I had to make some changes and set more realistic deadlines for some things. I’ve been trying to finalize too many things before my maternity leave, but now finally decided that I have to take it easy from now on and just moved some things around. It doesn’t also help that my husband is also creating more stress for me at times. Our relationship has been up and down throughout the pregnancy, and not getting much better recently. We’ve had a really nice weekend in London last week, which helped a bit, but at times I just feel like it’s all a bit too much for me now…

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