31 weeks +

I’ve been feeling very big and heavy as the days go by. I’m almost 8 months now, but still have at least 6 weeks to go. I keep having a strong feeling that the baby will come no later than in week 38. Don’t know why, it’s just how I feel 🙂

She’s been kicking a lot, or rather moving a lot, and sometimes it’s painful. My skin is so stretched at times, that it becomes very sensitive and it feels very uncomfortable. My bump has been growing and my weight is constantly on a rise now, which scares me a lot and is very depressing. They say you should increase your calorie intake by 200 in the third trimester, but I haven’t felt the need to do it, and still I am gaining weight. I also cannot really have a bigger meal now, not that I could have a really big one before, but now it’s just not possible. I feel full quicker, and I think this is because I think my stomach is so high now.

My running last week decreased to 2 days due to insomnia. I was getting only 3 hours of sleep for two nights, which left me exhausted the first time it happened, and even more so after the second time on Saturday. I was walking still on the days that I didn’t run, but I was too tired to do my normal run.

I have run this morning and it felt great. No round ligament pain, only the recurring stiffness in my right leg, but that’s something I can cope with. It’s harder now, as my breathing is affected by growing uterus, but I can still do it and that gives me a great comfort 🙂

We’ve attended an Early First Aid course on Saturday which was very informative and helpful. It was very important to me to do something like this to be able to help our baby, should there ever be a situation when this would be required. Doing this was more important to me than attending antenatal classes to be honest… During the course we’ve learnt how to perform CPR on babies and children, and also adults. But the course also covered subjects like choking, seizures, burns, bumps, nose bleeds, allergic reactions, meningitis and broken bones. I left feeling a lot better, knowing what to if something does happen, at least I should be able to react in the right way to help our baby.

As a preparation for the labour I have also started listening to Hypnobirthing CDs. I’ve been looking into a full Hypnobirthing course, but those are so expensive, that I thought I’d at least get CDs and I’ve been listening to those for a week now. I’ve noticed that they really help me with sleeping, but not just that. Somehow they do work, making me less panicky about the labour and more confident that everything will be ok. I will try and do a separate post on those soon.

Baby size:  – Weight-wise: Coconut (weight about 1.5kg, length about 41.1cm crown to heel) – according to BabyCentre App

Bump: Oh gosh, getting bigger and bigger daily!

My Weight: 52.3kg on Friday, but it still varies, sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more.

Running: usually 30 minutes for 3 days per week (two days last week because of severe insomnia)

Cravings: orange juice!

Aversions: no aversions

Maternity Clothes: my loose shirts are still OK to wear to work. On days when I’m not at work it’s usually my maternity leggings and loose sweatshirts or jumpers.

Baby Kicks:  Still getting stronger, but there’s more movements than kicks. The baby was getting hiccups as often 3-4 times per day last week, bu now those are easing off and are more in the range of 2-3 per day.

Favourite moments: Evenings just before sleep when I listen to my hypnobirthing CDs.

Insomnia: Quite bad last week, had two nights of only about 3 hours of sleep. For some reason this is always worse on my working days, than on days off.

Difficulties: I feel quite uncomfortable now. I cannot really explain it, but it’s just a general feeling of not being able to find a comfortable position to sit. The bump is growing and especially on non-running days I get some aches in my back or deep on both sides of my bump. It’s not too bad, but sometimes quite painful on the right side of my back, about hip-height. I think the baby generally prefers to lie on the right. Her head is mostly down now, and sometimes I’m starting to feel a small pain and a pressure on my cervix because of this.

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