Third Trimester Running

I am 29 weeks today, and even though I’ve been having some issues over this week, I can still proudly say that I’m continuing my running routine. Although with a couple adjustments.

Firstly, I’ve suffered a type of injury caused by a severe calf cramp. I woke up at 6am last Saturday because of the mentioned cramp in my right calf. It was like nothing I’ve experienced before, much stronger than any other one from the past, and it wouldn’t go away for what seemed like forever. To make it worse, it was two muscles – started with one and then moved onto the one below. Then when it finally passed it was only for about 5 seconds and it hit me again. Same thing – one muscle then another. It didn’t want to ease off for ages and I cried trying to cope with it until it finally ended.

This left me with an after pain for days, and I was limping because of the pain in my calf for the first 3 days. It got a bit better by Tuesday, and on Wednesday I was finally able to run, even though the pain lingered still, but was bearable by that point. And I just didn’t want to go for another day without running. This means that I only did two days of running this week, Wednesday and today (Friday), and just walked for the remaining days.

Next week I should be back to my usual three days per week since the start of the third trimester. I have managed to  maintain 30 minutes at the same speed, but I had to limit the amount of days to get a day of rest (walking) in between running, to help with round ligament pains. I am almost eight months pregnant now, so if I will be able to continue with 3 days for another month, until I’m nine months, I will be very happy. I can only hope that I will be able to last until then…

My running has changed since the end of the second trimester. And it’s not just that I had to reduce my days due to the round ligament pain. But also, because my breathing is becoming more laborious now as well, and I start feeling more tired for the last 5-10 minutes. I think because my bump is continuously growing now, and there’s more pressure on my lungs now, the breathing is becoming harder. I used to be able to run for an hour and longer without having issues with breathing, now I have to sometimes exhale through my mouth, rather than my nose, to make it a bit easier. It reminds me of the times when I have just started running.

The support belt is helping me massively now. I don’t feel the pressure on my bladder anymore when having it on. On the contrary, it’s actually helping with relieving the pressure now. It also helps with the round ligament pain. This week when I only managed to do two days, on Wednesday the pain only lasted for about 3 minutes, then went and only came back towards the end. Today I hardly felt any pain.

I am sweeting more now after 20 minutes of running. Today was ok, but for the past two weeks I’ve noticed that I was sweeting more. My heart rate is higher now as well during my runs. Up until week 26-27 it was anything between 144 and 153 bpm on average. Now it’s more like 156-162 bpm on average. I’m gaining weight slowly as well, even though my calories intake has not really increased, so it must be all baby’s weight and other things like additional fluids, etc.

There’s definitely a difference between the way I felt and my overall performance in the second, or even the first trimester, and now that I’ve finally reached the third trimester.

So if you’re anything like me, and still trying to maintain your routine, just remember that once again some things will have to change. Some tips that I can give are:

  • Reduce the amount of your running days if you can no longer cope with 4-5 days (or more!) per week
  • Slow down or reduce the duration of your runs by a few minutes, if that makes it easier or makes you feel better
  • Make sure you stay hydrated as you might be sweeting more again
  • Invest in a support belt, if you haven’t as yet, to help with the pressure on your bladder and the round ligament pain
  • Replace some of your running days with cross training – walking, yoga or pilates are all a good choice and knowing that you’re keeping active, even though you’re not running as much as before, will make you feel a lot better.
  • Don’t push yourself to the point of a complete exertion, it’s not good for you or your baby.
  • Don’t run through a pain if it’s too much to bare. It could end up with an injury or you could put yourself or your baby in danger.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re in your last trimester and managed to run until now, you’re still a badass 😉
  • Remember this is also temporary, and this too shall pass 🙂 You will be able to get back to your running in time.


Baby size: Butternut squash – (weight about 1.1-1.2kg, length about 39cm crown to heel) – according to BabyCentre App

Bump: Yes, I have a proper bump now, and it’s clear that I’m pregnant. No need for “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant” top anymore 🙂

My Weight: 52.2kg today, but it varies and can go from 51.9 to 52.2 within a day.

Running: usually 30 minutes for 3 days per week (two days this week because of the aching calf)

Cravings: I am craving one thing or another sometimes, but I don’t have any intense cravings, same as previously.

Aversions: no aversions anymore.

Maternity Clothes: I love my maternity leggings from Asos that I wear over the weekend, but other than that I can still fit in most of my clothes, with exception of a few dresses and obviously trousers that I’m not able to zip anymore because of my bump.

Baby Kicks:  Getting stronger each week. From week 28 you should be counting the baby’s kicks, but I now my baby’s patterns now, and because there are no significant changes, I didn’t really have to keep a track of her kicks. If anything she’s more and more active, and always does more than 10 kicks or movements when she starts kicking. She’s very active during the night as well. Sometimes her kicks are causing some discomfort, because of their strength.

Favourite moments: We’ve been to a 3D and 4D scan last Saturday and seeing my baby so clearly made me very emotional. I cried a little, just from happiness. They have also confirmed that we are in fact expecting a little girl. I got used to this thought so much now, that if they told us now that it was a boy, I would feel very  upset again. We’ve also bought some girly stuff for her after the scan, which was really nice 🙂

Insomnia: I’ still have some problems with sleeping. It’s not every night, more like every other night. I also still get up once every night to use the toilet.

Difficulties: I am getting bigger and bigger, or rather my bump is! 🙂 so running is becoming harder. The skin on my bump is still sensitive and sometimes painful when it feels very stretched. I’ve had this severe leg cramp once last week, and a headache a couple of times after work. Other than that it hasn’t been too bad. No bad backaches, or anything of that sort, so I still consider myself quite lucky with how my pregnancy has been going so far 🙂

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