25 weeks!!

So I am now 25 weeks pregnant, and only have a week and a bit of the 6th month left 🙂 I cannot believe how quickly I got to this stage. I am nearly in the third trimester and it’s a scary thought, that I haven’t got that long left now until the baby is born. I was trying to show my husband this morning how small 10cm is, just so that he realises how hard it will be to push this baby out through such a small gap, but his words were “It’s just the head! That’s the toughest part, once you get through this it will be easier” Honestly! I wanted to slap him, and said that he should try it himself then if it seems so easy 🙂

This is my first week of 5 consecutive days of running. I am so happy that I can still run, and not only that, but I also managed to get back to 5 days now! I have been doing 4 days every week since we got back from holiday, so being now able to do even more means so much to me. I have noticed that my round ligament pain is not as bad if I don’t have a break mid-week. I honestly felt better running on Wednesday and yesterday. Only this morning I felt a side stitch in my left side, that has grown into the round ligament pain eventually, but it wasn’t throughout the whole run, so it wasn’t too bad. I think when you’ve been running for some time, you have at some point experienced some sort of a pain, being that a side stitch or something else. And that’s why you get used to running through your pain. I wouldn’t risk running if I felt very unwell, or if the pain felt like anything else than a stitch or round ligament one. But when I know it’s just one of those two, I know I am ok to continue, even if I will need to slow down in time. Running makes me feel normal again, and with my growing bump it makes a huge difference to my overall wellbeing. And that’s why I am so grateful that I can still do it, and I don’t want to stop, unless I absolutely have to.

Baby size: Rutabaga or Swede, as we call it here in the UK 🙂 – (weight about 660g, length about 34cm crown to heel) – according to BabyCentre App

Bump: Definitely getting bigger and bigger, and I’m now really starting to show too 🙂

My Weight: 51.1kg today

Running: 30 minutes for 5 days this week

Cravings: I was craving a hot chocolate one evening and yes, I do realise it’s the summer. I was craving a particular one – Cadbury Highlights and of course I didn’t have it at home… Other than that, no major cravings.

Aversions: no aversions, and broccoli is officially back on the menu 😉

Maternity Clothes: still not really needed, but I have ordered some maternity jeans and leggings from Asos just to be on the safe side. I’m sure I will start using them sooner rather than later. I also got the Gabrialla maternity support belt for running, but I haven’t used it as yet. I’m trying to postpone it for as long as possible, as I know it won’t feel the same with a belt. After trying it on I am also not convinced that it will in fact be “the best belt for runners”. Don’t know, maybe I’ll change my mind once I actually test it 😉

Baby Kicks:  Still feeling them mostly early in the morning (5-6am) and from 2pm in the afternoon, and again in the evening from about 6pm. There’s more movement throughout the day, but I don’t always have time to notice it while I’m at work.

Favourite moments: Evenings when I’m lying in bed are my favourite time of the day now, because that’s when the baby is the most active, and I am in the right mind-set by then to really focus on the movements and enjoy them even more.  

Insomnia: I’ve had problems with sleeping this week. I’ve had 1.5hr, then 2.5hrs and just over an hour of not sleeping for 3 nights in a row. It might also be because I am going through some stressful times at work, but even tiredness doesn’t seem to keep me asleep throughout the night and I still wake up.

Difficulties: I definitely feel bigger now and that’s not a great feeling. Sometimes the skin on my belly seems very stretched and is quite sensitive then too. I’ve had some leg cramps and still feel dizzy at times if I get up to quickly, but that’s about it.


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