Midwife Appointment

I’ve been to my fourth Midwife Appointment this morning and as previously everything was ok 🙂

My blood pressure is fine and the bump is apparently the right size, although when I tried to measure it it seemed to be a bit too small. The baby’s heartbeat was now 148bpm, comparing to 164bpm from the last visit back in May, so it’s all looking great. The baby even kicked the midwife while she was checking the bump which was quite funny 🙂

I don’t think my baby likes those scans and tests and so on, because she stays very quiet after each and doesn’t kick as much as normally afterwards.

I told my midwife about the last scan and my feelings after, and that they’ve now told us that it’s a girl, and she said, well don’t set your mind on anything in that case, because it will most likely be a surprise then. They can get it wrong…

I don’t know how I’d react if they now told us that it’s a boy, if we went to another scan. It would just be upsetting those constant changes. My husband would be happy if it was a boy in the end, but I really don’t mind, I just want them to make up their mind.

I have told my midwife that we weren’t offered any pictures either after the scan, and she told me that if I contact the hospital they should be able to either post them to us, or print them of so that we can collect them ourselves, as they will have them on their system. I will try to do this, because it was really disappointing that we got nothing from the second scan.

My next appointment is now on 29th August, when I will be almost 28 weeks.

4 thoughts on “Midwife Appointment

  1. I don’t know if this is a possibility for you, but we decided to have one scan done privately (it cost €120) and the image quality was MUCH better than the public hospital scans and allowed them to have a much more accurate view for gender prediction. If the uncertainty is bothering you (it would bother me!) then perhaps it’s something to consider. I realise it’s a big expense, though, and not an option for everyone.


    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 My first early scan was a private one, and I agree with you that the quality is much better! I am actually thinking about getting another private one done in three weeks time. I wasn’t very happy with the sonographer at my last hospital one, even forgetting the gender shock it just wasn’t a very pleasant experience. And it just seems dreadfully long to wait for the last hospital one at 37 weeks…
      When are you doing your private one? Hope all goes well 🙂 xx


      1. We had one at 12 weeks and they told us they think it’s a girl. At 15 weeks at the public hospital, they told us they couldn’t tell. Our next scan at the public hospital will be around 21 weeks, so if they also say it’s a girl then we will probably just assume it is, but if they say it’s a boy then we will probably get another private one after to see what they say!

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      2. Yes, I think you’re right to do that. I think 12 weeks might be too early, as it was in my case ,and that was probably why our prediction has changed too from a boy first to a girl now. If I do a private one in 3 weeks and they confirm that it is a girl, then I will believe it but for now I am just not too sure…


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