Gender Shock and Posterior Pelvic Pain

Last Monday we went to the hospital for the Anomaly scan. Same as previously I was excited about seeing the baby until a day before, when I started worrying that what if they find something or say that something is wrong with the baby during the scan. I think it’s normal to worry like this at this point, so I have tried to just stop thinking about it and focus on positives. But what I did not expect was that at the scan they will tell us that we are having a baby girl, rather than confirming the previous prediction of us having a boy!

The whole scan wasn’t a very pleasant experience, which was also a bit disappointing. First the lady sonographer has started the scan and she wasn’t really telling us much, and so her colleague reminded her to talk. She started then, but not to the same extend as the sonographer we’ve had at our first scan. She was really young, and seemed like new to all of this, so I guess that was the reason. The scan took really long, because at some point the other guy, who was more experienced from the two, has started doing it all himself, so it was all back to the start with him now checking everything once again. He was telling us what he was seeing and checking while he was doing the scan, so that was a lot better. He was very robotic throughout, but at least we got all this info from him about baby being ok and all the parts of the body, like the heart, kidneys and spine being all normal and developing as they should. At some point he pointed to one picture and said if there was something here this would mean it’s a boy, but as we can see there’s nothing so that’s a girl. I didn’t really get what we were looking at, it looked like hip bones, but I cannot be sure. We were just so shocked and I asked, so it’s a girl?? And he confirmed. I looked at my husband and he was as shocked as me. Even more though, because I could also see a disappointment…

The scan took so long that I started feeling sick. I think it’s because I was lying flat on my back for so long, which you shouldn’t do at this stage of pregnancy. It was a really weird feeling like I was going to pass out, and I was just about to say I need to get up for a minute as I’m not feeling well, when the sonographer said it’s almost done now, and once I lifted my head a bit I started feeling a bit better, so I managed to last until the end. After that they also did the internal scan to check if my cervix is the correct length and all was ok.

Both me and my husband were so shocked with the news that we are now having a girl, that we didn’t even think that they didn’t offer us any pictures after the scan until we were back in the car. I was just surprised because I was so convinced we were having a boy. I just had this strong feeling almost from the start that it was a boy, and then when the first scan confirmed this as 70% probability of a boy, I didn’t even think that it will change. I was joking about it, asking my husband not to shout at the sonographer at the anomaly scan in case they now say it’s a girl, but I didn’t really believe this was going to happen. My husband went to work after that and I went back home, feeling shocked and upset, because all I could see on his face was this huge disappointment.

For me from the start the gender wasn’t important, I just wanted the baby to be healthy but my husband really wanted a boy, so I just decided to give him more time to get used to the thought that we are having a little girl in the end…

Now a week after we found out, and so it’s not as fresh anymore, everything has gone back to normal, and we have both accepted the fact that we will have a little girl now instead of boy. Although I have lost a lot of trust in the sonographers’ opinions now and I am still not 100% convinced. Another good thing was that my placenta is now high, not low as it was previously, so it’s all looking good and all the people who think that my running is not doing me any good can stuff their opinion! 🙂

I am now almost 6.5 months and I’m starting to feel that the baby is growing more and more each week. I’m still running, and only when I’m running I feel like normal, and don’t really have any issues. Last Saturday (weekends are now my rest days) I started feeling this dull pain on the left of my lower back. It happened in the evening, not long after I came back home from my walk (I walk now on the days when I don’t run) and it was more annoying than anything to start with, but as the evening went on the pain grew stronger. By the time I was in bed I started crying because it hurt so much. I could still feel the baby moving, and in the same pattern as always, so I thought that everything is probably ok, and this pain is just another fun part of the pregnancy. I have decided that if it doesn’t go away until the morning I will ring the midwives’ helpline and ask them about it.

I got up on Sunday and first felt ok, but then the same pain came back after half an hour. I have searched online and found this info, which described exactly what I was experiencing:

“Posterior pelvic pain (in the back of the pelvis) is four times more prevalent than lumbar pain in pregnancy. It is a deep pain felt below and to the side at the waistline, and/or below the waistline on either side across the tailbone. Such pregnancy pelvic pain may be experienced on one or both sides. Posterior pelvic pain in pregnancy can extend down into the buttock and upper portion of the posterior (in back of) thighs, and does not usually radiate below the knees. It can be associated with pubic pain. The pain does not quickly resolve with rest, and morning stiffness may also be present. Posterior pelvic pain during pregnancy can be brought on or exacerbated by the following activities:

  • Rolling in bed
  • Climbing stairs
  • Sitting and rising from a seated position (such as getting in and out of cars, bathtubs, bed)
  • Lifting, twisting, bending forward
  • Running and walking.

Unlike many other forms of lower back pain in pregnancy, a previous high level of fitness does not necessarily prevent posterior pelvic pain while pregnant.”

After reading this I still rang midwives’ helpline and was told that this type of pain is very common at this stage of pregnancy and especially with the first baby, and it’s due to stretching and growing of the uterus. They told me to take some paracetamol if it gets worse, or a warm bath. So I’ve spent the rest of the day with a hot water bottle, and as the day went on the pain has started reducing a bit. I went to bed still feeling it, but then the next morning it was gone. I went on my run as usual yesterday and today, and had no pain so far. So this has just confirmed my opinion that running is helping me a lot with aches and pains, because it’s only when I don’t do it that I start feeling different. But because I don’t want to run 7 days per week, and want to do some prenatal exercises now too, I will still try to do it just 4-5 days per week, and try other things for the remaining two days. I did some prenatal yoga yesterday evening, hoping this will also help with avoiding a back pain. I like yoga, and I used to do more of it too, but running is and (I hope!) will always be my main activity.

Other than that I didn’t have any other major issues. I have felt a bit tired a couple of days during the week, when I didn’t get much sleep, but that was all. I’ve been trying to eat a bit more, because instead of putting on I have lost a tiny bit of weight, but as the scan showed the baby is normal weight for this stage, I try not to worry too much about it. It’s hard eating bigger meals now, so I’m sticking to my 5-6 small ones throughout the day. I can feel my stomach being a lot higher now and I think this is the reason why I cannot really take in a lot in one go. It’s not like I ever could eat a huge meal before my pregnancy, I was always a 5-smaller-meals kind of person, but now I notice a change even there.

Baby size: Papaya – (weight little more than 500g, length about 30cm crown to heel) – according to What To Expect app

Bump: It’s there 🙂 Although some days bigger, some days smaller 🙂

My Weight: Mostly 50.5kg, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more

Running: 30 minutes for 4 days per week

Cravings: no cravings recently

Aversions: no aversions, although one day last week just thinking about a black tea made me a bit sick

Maternity Clothes: still not needed. I’m still ok wearing my dresses and blouses to work, although I cannot zip up most of my trousers anymore 😉

Baby Kicks: Getting stronger and more regular now, not flutters or bubbles anymore. One night the baby woke my up at 2am kicking constantly like mad 🙂 She kicks mostly at 5 or 6am before I run, and then again between 8 and 9am, then from 2pm and again in the evening.



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