22 weeks

It’s been almost two weeks since we got back from holiday in Cyprus and as of tomorrow I am 22 weeks (6 months!) pregnant 🙂

I have been a bit worried before we went away how it would all work out with the heat and the constant sun, and so on, but except for one day over those two weeks I didn’t have any issues. All I had to make sure was that I was getting enough fluids, cooled myself down with cold showers and didn’t stay in the direct sun between 11am and 3-4pm, and I was fine 🙂 I even got some tan! But only on my face, arms and legs, since the rest of my body was covered so that the sun wouldn’t harm the baby.

I have started showing a bit by week 20, and now my bump grows continuously week by week, but if someone doesn’t know me and I’m in a dress, it’s still barely noticeable. I have been really enjoying this trimester, and now that I only have a month of it left, I do think that the last one is going to be a lot tougher to get through. I have been feeling great, and have even been told a few times that I look really well and small, and that the pregnancy suits me, which is great to hear especially that I’m starting to feel like a small elephant with my growing bump 🙂 It’s also been easier to maintain a healthy diet. I even ate broccoli twice and didn’t gag! Considering this was my biggest food aversion in the first trimester, this says something! 🙂 I don’t feel overly hungry, nor have I got strong cravings for anything in particular.

So far I haven’t put on a lot, only 3.7kg. And I don’t think that’s too bad for the start of the sixth month. I still have full four months to go and I know that the last trimester will bring the biggest gain, so I’m trying to keep a balanced diet and ensure that I put on weight steadily.

I have my second hospital scan on Monday and just I hope that everything goes well, and that that my placenta is a bit higher now. We should also find out for sure now if we are  in fact having a boy or a girl. I know it all depends if the baby is being “co-operative” during the scan, as sometimes it’s not easy to tell if the baby doesn’t want to turn. But hopefully it will all be clear. I have been panicking a bit for the past couple of days, because even though I don’t mind if we have a boy or a girl, as long as the baby is healthy, I am a bit worried about my husband’s reaction if the news now change. Like most men, he is really hoping for a boy, especially that we will most probably end up having only this one baby…

While I was away I wasn’t running at all, as I couldn’t imagine doing it in the heat and an unfamiliar environment. We have been walking a lot, as we always do while on holiday, so I was making over 9K on average each day, so even more than I do daily when I run in the morning. But walking and running is very different, so I wasn’t sure how it was all going to work out when we got back and I wanted to start running again. But luckily I haven’t had any issues so far. I am taking it very slowly though. I have started with 3 days of running last week (first week back), having rest days in between when I’d walk in the evening instead. And this week I’m trying to do 4 days, meaning 2 consecutive days, then a day’s break, and then two days again. I have one more run left this week (tomorrow) and then I’ll repeat this next week. I’d like to get to 5 days in time, but I need to feel comfortable with 4 days first. I’m also running slower than I was before going on holiday. I just do whatever feels ok. I don’t care if I go slow. I am still running and that’s all that counts! 🙂 I had a bad round ligament pain this morning while I was running, but because I recognise this pain now, I don’t panic about it that much. If I can still go on, I run. If I couldn’t, I’d just try walking instead. But it’s all ok for now. I might need to think about a support belt soon, but as long as I can do without it, I’d rather not use it. It’s not going to be as comfortable with the belt, even though it will help at a later stage when the bump gets bigger.

The baby has been moving a lot, and more and more each week. Even my husband can feel his kicks more often now. I love his little kicks 🙂 And he is my little protector too! I had a nightmare one night this week, and he must have felt it somehow, because he started kicking so strongly and continuously that it woke me up. I was also a bit down one day, feeling sad because of something my husband did, and the baby started kicking then as well, like he was trying to cheer me up. It’s amazing how connected I feel with my baby already. I don’t really want him to leave my belly too soon. As long as he’s there he’s protected and so close to me, and it feels like we have this strong bond. Once he’s born, there’s only so much I can do to keep him safe and close to me… I guess this is what every mom worries about.



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