Still Running for Two…

Time seems to be literally flying as I am now starting week 17 so only 5 days to the beginning of 5th month!

I’ve had so much going on for the past few weeks that it left me with no time left to write. We went to our first hospital scan and got our nuchal test results that were really, really good. It was great to see the baby again, especially that he seemed so much bigger already since our first scan 🙂 I’m saying “he” as we have been told there’s a 70% chance it’s a boy during the scan!

I’ve been shopping a lot (!) and decorating the nursery to get myself as organised as possible before we go away on holiday next week. I feel a lot better now I’m in the second trimester and don’t even have to get to bed as early as 9pm anymore 🙂 So last weekend my husband has painted the nursery and I have washed all the carpets in our house, because I really wanted to do this before I’m not as mobile as I am now 🙂 I have also decorated the nursery wall after with grey and white stars as I’m going with grey, yellow and white theme for the nursery.

I’m still not showing a lot, I mean me and my husband can see a tiny bump if I lie down on my back, but no one else can tell still that I’m pregnant. We have told everyone at work a few weeks ago, and it’s been a lot better than I thought. I got so much support and encouragement from my MD and work colleagues, and it was a really nice surprise as I was expecting a panic and a lot of drama, so I’m really glad that I was so wrong 🙂

It’s been almost two weeks since I last heard the baby’s heartbeat while my appointment with the midwife, and almost a month since the hospital scan, and I cannot help but worry sometimes if he’s ok. It’s because I feel so much better now, no sickness or tiredness, almost as if I’m not pregnant. And I cannot feel him moving as yet either, and I hope that once that happens I will feel a lot calmer 🙂

My running is still going well too. I’ve had two weekends away when I only managed to fit in 5 days instead of 6, but that’s still good in my opinion 🙂 I’ve maintained the same speed for the last few months, and still keeping to 31 minutes, so I couldn’t be happier with that. My favourite catchphrase recently is “Running for Two” 🙂

I cannot believe it’s only 3 weeks now and I will be half way through it! 🙂

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