My First One-to-One Meeting with the Midwife

Last Tuesday was my first appointment with my midwife after the group Early Bird Meeting. It’s supposed to be the longest appointment out of all and it was quite long, but didn’t go over an hour.

As it’s my first pregnancy I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen and if I should have anything else with me, except for the Maternity Notes. I know some midwives do a blood test for you on that first appointment, but some send you to a walk-in centre to do this, so I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen there. I just assumed I’d be sent somewhere else to do this, and that actually help because I’m not great with blood tests. It’s not the needles I’m afraid of, it’s the dreaded feeling of my blood being drained 😦 So as I wasn’t really expecting it, it actually helped because if I knew 100% that I’d get the blood test there and then, I’d be rather stressed all morning. And yes, I did have a test. The amount that was taken from me seemed like a lot, but I didn’t actually feel it being done. I’ve warned the midwife that I’m quite bad with the test, but she said the needles they use now are somewhat special and you don’t really get that feeling of blood being drained as much as before. And she was right! 🙂 Thankfully it was a bearable experience and I didn’t get sick after like it has happened a few times in the past.

During the appointment my midwife also checked my weight, height and blood pressure. And asked me for a urine sample. I didn’t know, but I was actually expected to bring one with me to the appointment, but because I didn’t I had to do it quickly then. Now I know that that tiny tube I was given was actually for my urine. I was expecting something more like a pod, the tube seemed too small for that 🙂

We also went through my maternity notes and the midwife completed all of the parts that I either wasn’t supposed to, or wasn’t sure how to complete.

I have asked her about my running, and she has confirmed that as long as I’m not feeling any pain, or have any spotting or bleeding during or after, I am ok to continue, but might need to slow down some more in time, and/or cut down on the time as my pregnancy progresses.

So all seemed great, and I was very positive after the appointment, and until the end of the week when on Sunday I suddenly started feeling a sharp pain in my lower abdomen on the left side that went onto my back as well. It scared me because I’ve never had a pain like that before and I wasn’t sure what to do. Last Sunday my back hurt a tiny bit, and I even thought that every time I don’t run (Sunday is my rest day) I get some aches and pains, which just proves that I should continue running. So last Sunday when I didn’t run, and was getting really hungry waiting for my husband to get up, so that we could have a breakfast together as always on Sundays, I started feeling this pain and got really scared that something was really wrong.

After I’ve had my breakfast I felt a bit better and the pain reduced a great deal, then about lunch time I started feeling hungry again and again the paid came back, but it wasn’t as bad as earlier on that morning. I ate and went for a walk, and it was a lot better after… On Monday everything went back to normal, I had my run, then breakfast and no pains whatsoever, so that helped me calm down a bit again, but this morning towards the end of my 30 minute run I started feeling this odd pain starting in my lower abdomen on the left, and then moving to the right. I slowed down but still felt the pain for a few minutes, and then it eventually disappeared. But I couldn’t help but worry after that something is wrong. I didn’t have any problems before, no pains or any other issues, and now all of the sudden I am feeling this weird pain. My first scan is on 16th May, and this seems like forever, so as soon as I came in to work this morning I have booked an appointment with a private doctor to check if everything is ok. Now I only have to wait until this Saturday, instead of 2 weeks.

I am a bit worried, and I wish I was past my first 13 weeks now, because I feel completely alone with all of this. Until then I can only contact my GP if I have any concerns, but my GP is not opened over weekends and during the work week you have to wait for an appointment for at least two weeks, and all I’m left with then is an A&E. This sucks to be honest. You just feel like you’re left completely on your own, unless you go private. And even private appointments are not usually possible within a day or two. I was lucky to get one this Saturday because the slot I booked was the last available on the day. I am just hoping that I will be ok until Saturday, otherwise it’s probably going to be a visit at an A&E 😦



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