Pregnancy Diet Ups and Downs

Staying healthy diet-wise has proven to be difficult so far, because my eating habits are now dictated by my food aversions and cravings. Mostly aversions and the way that certain foods make me feel after eating them.

Some foods make me feel more sick in the evenings than others, so I have been sticking to whatever makes me feel a bit better. That doesn’t mean I’ve been living on fast foods, or sweets, or something like that. But it’s also not foods that I would eat on a daily basis pre-pregnancy. It’s mostly bread, a small chocolate bar here and there, but also chicken that I have started eating after a few years of living meat-free 😦

It’s also that I am eating more now generally, comparing to what I did before. And I don’t feel great about it. Because the eating for two myth is really that, a myth, and therefore not advised. But I feel like all I do lately is eat.

I am almost in the middle of week 10 now and for the past couple of days I have started feeling a bit better in the evening, so less nausea and the horrible burping (!) And this made me think a bit more about my diet recently. Some things won’t really change for the time being, as vegetables are still my big aversion, except for cucumber and sometimes tomatoes. But I am hoping that I can start making some changes to my diet now, as long as I don’t start to suffer again in the evening as before.

My mum gave me a good advice on this, because I felt horrible to start with about craving meat, and starting to eat chicken again. She told me then that the body knows what it needs, and I need to do what’s best for the baby now, and whatever I can eat that doesn’t give me a nausea and so on, I should eat until the first trimester is over, hoping that I will start feeling more like myself by then.

One of the positives is that I have maintained my running routine so far, so at least this makes me feel better. Even though most days I am dragging myself out of the bed at 6am to go on my run, I still do it six days per week, because I know I will feel much better after. I still hope that I will be able to continue to run until at least the end of the second trimester, and after that I will switch to a stationary bike for as long as I can. Staying active is super important to me, so I don’t want to give up on this as long as it’s safe for the baby to continue.

I have my first one to one appointment with the midwife tomorrow, and again I need to do this on my own. Working in the same company with your husband has now more downs than ups. Or at least until we tell everyone at work that I am pregnant. After that it should be easier for both of us to book some time off when needed. Especially that I cannot imagine doing the first scan on my own, without him seeing the baby. I know he would also be upset if he wasn’t able to be there. It is one of those moments that you want to share and experience together…


  • Unhappy about my diet
  • Forgetful (more than ever in my life!)
  • Worried about ending up as a single-mum
  • Worrying if I will be a good mum
  • Emotional at times

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