Is This Baby Mine?

So far I have not really experienced a lot of negative aspects of the pregnancy. Sure, I had some moments of dizziness or a mild headache now and then, but those aren’t really big issues. The worst thing so far is the recurring nausea in the evenings. Yes, whoever called it “the morning sickness” should be shot! πŸ™‚

The problem that I have is that with the nausea comes the aversion to cooked vegetables, broccoli being the worst offender! 😦 Why is it such a problem? Well, so far my diet was mostly vegetarian, with a fish now and then, now even a thought of vegetables makes me sick.

This raises a question – is this baby really mine, or is it a little alien? πŸ™‚ I’m a bit worried that this baby is going to be nothing like me, and a lot like his dad. At least diet-wise. So unfortunately, it probably won’t grow to be a vegetarian one day πŸ™‚

Jokes aside, I’ve tried to find out what might be causing this aversion, as previously I’ve heard of meat aversions, coffee aversions, and so one, but a vegetable one seems like an odd one to have. One of the websites suggested that the body craves the foods that are higher in calories, so starchy foods, dairy and meat, rather than vegetables. I’m not sure if there’s a lot of truth in that, it’s rather hard to find all a reliable info on cravings and aversions, because those can differ so much from one woman to another. I do hope though that this will get back to normal after the first trimester, or at least after the baby is born. I cannot imagine myself not having a cooked vegetable for the rest of my life!

As it is my first baby I think most people don’t expect me to be so calm with the whole situation. I’m not panicking that I haven’t had any doc’s (midwife) appointments as yet, and I’m not constantly worried about any small pains and aches, not that I’ve had any significant ones to be honest. I’ve read a lot before I got pregnant about the whole process, because knowledge gives me a peace of mind. And this is why I am rather calm now.

Some things are a bit difficult, because we haven’t really told anyone as yet, apart from my family. The best example is “the early bird meeting” I was invited to, that I will now have to create excuses for at work. It baffles me though how inconveniently those appointments are planned. They don’t actually take under consideration that someone might be working and Wednesday morning might be the worst day in the whole week for that person to be skipping work 😦 And to make it worse, as my husband works in the same office, he won’t be able to come with me now. So I feel a bit upset about the fact that I will have to do this first meeting on my own. Pregnancy hormones make it even worse, and I feel alone and miserable!

They make it impossible for you to skip those meetings too, by saying that if you don’t attend, your first one to one meeting with your midwife might be delayed, and then your first scan will be delayed, and so on. Bring on the guilt! I just hope I won’t be the only person without a partner on the day…

Having all your family so far away is also not the easiest thing, because you cannot even count on them in such situations. Unfortunately by choosing to live abroad, you have to face consequences of your decisions.

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